Damas Dresses in Houston TX


Choosing Damas Dresses in Houston Texas


Damas Dresses in Houston TX


Hello Houston quinceaneras and quinceanera moms.  As you already know, choosing damas dresses in Houston TX can be difficult.  In a perfect world, each dama would wear the same exact dress and look absolutely stunning in it.  But damas come in different shapes and sizes and there may also be some budget constraints regarding damas dresses.  Your job is to do the best you can. 

First and foremost, you will want to make sure the dama dress is a different color than the quinceanera's dress.  Gray, white, or beige are all good dama colors because they will not take any attention away from the quinceanera and her beautiful dress.  If your damas can afford to all wear the same style and brand of dress, then consider yourself lucky.  If there are budget issues, then the least you can do is ask the damas to all wear the same color dress.  Uniformity is key.  The more alike they damas look, the more the quinceanera will stand out on her special day.    


Second, you should look for a dress style that will look great on every dama.  The traditional A-line style is recommended.  This style is wonderful for most body types.  But if this style doesn’t work for all the damas, then another option is to have them all wear the same color, but have each one choose what style looks best on them.  Encourage them to try and be uniform in their selections.

Fuller-figured girls can go with scoop necks or possibly v-necks.  Empire waist styles also look great on fuller figures.  Again, you want to encourage them to be conservative in their dresses so the attention is drawn to the quinceanera. 

If at all possible, you will want to have your damas buy dresses that they can wear more than once.  Nothing is worse than having to buy a dress and only be able to wear it once.  Keep this in mind when looking at damas dresses.  Also, be sure to have your damas buy their dresses at least 2 or 3 months in advance so there will be plenty of time for any alterations.
Damitas Dresses in Houston TX

And then there is the question of damitas.  Do you want to have one or not?  Remember, damitas are special symbolic members of a quinceañera court.  These beautiful little girls symbolize the little girl that the 15 girl used to be as everyone celebrates the woman she has now become.  From my experience, I have found that quinceañera courts that include a damita have more fun than those who don't.  So choose wisely!  And just think how precious the little damita is going to look in her brand new dress!  



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